BEMP - BigDa Energy Management Platform

The industry represents up to 25% of energy consumption within the European Union (EU). However, the regional agenda for 2030 sets energy efficiency as a top priority. BigDa Solution has developed a platform to drive companies towards the digital future of energy efficiency in a complex and evolving sector.  

BigDa Energy Management Platform (BEMP) was created to achieve energy efficiency by doing more with less. We combine our expertise in energy forecasts with the power of IoT, Big Data, and AI.

What is BEMP?

BEMP helps industries to make smart data-based energy decisions.  BEMP is the only platform companies need to reduce their energy dependence.

BEMP is a platform that allows companies to monitor and optimise their energy consumption comprehensively, including electricity, water, and gas.

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What can BEMP do for your company?

Save energy while reducing its cost.

Boost competitiveness and productivity.

 Build a sustainable industry model.

Accelerate the digitalisation of your energy. 

Make energy data accessible for all.

How does BEMP work?

We understand that every company has its unique production process and energy behaviour pattern. BEMP is designed to adapt to each company, its need, and the specifics of the different energy-intensive sectors. BEMP is equipped with accessible and intuitive technology and a user-friendly interface that makes data accessible for all without requiring specific know-how.

BEMP simplifies large-complex data structures for companies to optimise their operations and use energy in a much more efficient way.

We have developed a methodology with four main implementation stages:

1. Data acquisition through IoT networks

2. Data filtering for real-time monitoring

3. Forecasting and predictive models

4. Business intelligence for reports and alarms

We collect data from different sources and meters; among others, we use LoRaWAN devices. We have also developed a method to collect data from existing sources through API connectivity. This is the first step to gaining control of your plant and every unit by understanding your energy consumption.

Data cleaning and filtering to monitor and analyse the customised variables relevant to your business. We have developed a data transformation process for real-time visualisation. Gain knowledge of your consumption in a matter of minutes!

BEMP generates energy consumption forecasts combining the collected data, the system's variables, and AI algorithms. Our simulation process allows companies to anticipate their energy needs and consumption.

Our platform allows the integration of different visualisation tools such as PowerBI, Tableau, or Qlik. We help you to make decisions based on data. BEMP allows setting alarms and KPIs for energy use optimisation easily.

Why BEMP? 

Energy focused

Our team has over nine years of experience in energy forecasting.  We are 100% specialised in developing predictive models for the energy sector.

Technological core

We use the most advanced technologies for energy forecasting, such as advanced analytics, machine learning; Artificial Intelligence (AI); and IoT.

Agile platform

We have developed a platform prioritising an easy implementation with highly customisable variables. BEMP is a flexible and adaptable product to any company’s needs, systems, and software.

Digitalisation advantage

BEMP was designed to speed companies’ digital transition and evolution into an intelligent business energy model.

No code

We make data accessible for everyone without a specific background in data or coding.


BEMP aims is to boost companies’ competitiveness and productivity while helping overcome their energy dependency. 

Environmental care

We have created a business model that helps businesses transition toward more sustainable and greener energy use. 

Product features

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