An energy management platform for the energy-intensive industries

Boost your energy efficiency through data-driven insights

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An energy intelligence software

BEMP is an energy data governance solution for Industry 4.0. It is an intuitive and easy-to-use "Forecast as a Service (FaaS)" platform that digitises, monitors and forecasts energy consumption such as:




Compressed air

BEMP offers a scalable infrastructure and operates on a pay-per-use basis. The platform leverages AI predictive models and advanced forecasting techniques to drive energy efficiency improvements and reduce C02 emmisions within the industrial sector.

How BEMP helps your company

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Central control of your energy data

Track live evolution of your energy metrics in different formats, including graphs, charts, and time ranges on a single platform

Building customised no-code variables

Group consumption data, generate production-consumption ratios, and convert energy values into environmental impact indicators, all without coding

Real-time alerts and alarms

Set alarms and notifications to detect anomalies, such as data reception failures, energy accumulation beyond specific thresholds, and mismatches in over or under consumption


Data acquisition via IoT networks and API

BEMP collects and digitises real-time energy data through IoT devices; meters and sensors; and external sources such as PLCs and SCADA via API


sReal-time data filtering and monitoring

BEMP filters control data quality, adjust values and ranges, and converts variables to construct a comprehensive and valid dataset. This process optimises energy management within minutes, offering an intuitive interface for navigation and analysis


Big data and AI predictive models

Live monitoring of meters and sensors to leverage BEMP's AI and predictive models to create custom variables and accurate forecasts. Detect early deviations and optimise energy purchase contracts with maximum efficiency


Data intelligence, reports and alarms

Generate alarms and reports to control your energy consumption at all times. View this information in BEMP, in business intelligence software or in your company's own ERP.

AI for a sustainable energy management system

HVAC - Energy performance forecasting

BEMP technology allows integrating external variable predictions such as temperature and humidity to improve climate control systems, and optimise resource planning and production processes

HVAC optimisation

ISO 50001 - Real-time energy efficiency improvement

  • Correct deviations in energy consumption
    BEMP breaks down consumption readings by source, unit or production line (submetering) to improve production processes and operations

  • Consumption scenarios comparison
    Simulation of past consumption to correct possible up-to-the-minute deviations

  • Future forecasts 
    Consumption simulations for better management and organisation of upcoming energy purchases

Energy management for ISO 50001

Water resources management

BEMP's technology analyses current water resource data, weather patterns, and water demand in present-time for more efficient water management. BEMP's AI predicts future scenarios, identifies leaks, and allows you to set alarms to control your company's water consumption

Water consumption optimisation

BEMP is a non-code ecosystem that allows companies to manage their energy data to monitor consumption, create reports, and generate predictive AI models to optimise the industry's energy resources

Reduce your energy consumption

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