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More than 5 years of R&D, big data and AI creating sustainable and smart energy consumption

BEMP's architecture is based on a non-code model for energy management that is
accessible to all:

BEMP's technological core

IoT for automatic consumption readings

BEMP uses IoT technology for M2M communication to digitise real-time data acquisition via sensors and meters

LPWAN and LAN networks with LoRaWAN and NB-IoT devices digitise energy data in a fast and cost-effective way

Communication protocols such as MODBUS-RTU, MODBUS-TPC and MQTT are available to connect internal data sources such as PLCs and gateways

API for a barrier-free data communication

For complete energy data interconnectivity, BEMP has an API communication system. Thus, data insertion using the BEMP platform API is done through HTTPS queries

This enables BEMP to insert data from internal sources and systems and to integrate the energy information processed by BEMP into ERPs and internal company databases of the user's choice

Data governance for energy efficiency

BEMP is powered by CrateDB technology on nodes to guarantee energy data's availability, quality and scalability

A processing subsystem manages energy data through a broker to orchestrate processes and functionalities

BEMP allows working with raw, filtered, synthetic variable and forecast data

Big data and artificial intelligence to simulate energy consumption

BEMP features an AI module to build predictive models of different meters and signals, enabling users to make past, real-time and future consumption forecasts

BEMP works with Machine Learning techniques and genetic algorithms to create highly accurate predictions

The comparison of real consumption with predicted consumption improves the industry's operating procedure and optimises energy consumption

Business intelligence for energy management

BEMP's data governance optimises energy consumption in real time thanks to its alarms and visualisation tools

With 4 types of alarms that improve data acquisition and monitoring, BEMP detects errors such as signal failure, deviations, or sensor battery level

Energy data is available in the BEMP interface and can be integrated into Power BI, QlikView, ERPs and other software

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BEMP centralises data acquisition, storage,
management and transformation for end-to-end energy governance

Build consumption forecasts from your own data and drive energy savings and efficiency in your company

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