Big data and artificial intelligence for saving energy

Optimise your electricity, gas, water and compressed air usage on a central energy management platform

Digitise your factory sensors and meters 

Automatic data acquisition of energy consumption data

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Real-time energy consumption tracking

Monitor your energy data quality and performance

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Build predictive models for smart energy contracts

Simulate past and future scenarios to anticipate your consumption

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BigDa Solutions

Energy Tech Specialists

We are a data-driven company revolutionising energy efficieny through IoT, big data and artificial intelligence (AI) with a no-code approach

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conectividad IoT

Internet of Things (IoT)

Fast and easy energy consumption digitalisation with IoT networks

almacenamiento datos consumo big data

Big data

Data filtering and processing for efficient energy management

modelos predictivos de inteligencia artificial

AI predictive models

Machine learning and predictive algorithms for forecasting solutions


All-in-one energy
management software

Massive energy
data acquisition

 System interoperability integration 

Forecasting for
energy savings

CO2 emissions

No code for
data democratisation


Towards the 2030 Agenda

BEMP's technological core has an innovative cloud structure to improve energy efficiency in compliance with the ISO 50.001 and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) standards


Reduction of the industrial impact on the environment

Open and accesible digitalisation for
an Industry 4.0. model

Energy consumption optimisation in factories and infrastructures

ISO 50.001

Energy use categorisation with general and sub-metering readings

Best-case consumption scenario simulation

Energy forecasts with external variables such as weather and temperature

Cut your energy consumption with BEMP

Get in touch with one of our energy specialists to start saving energy

Forecast your energy now

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