Our company develops solutions that seek to boost the industry's energy efficiency through pioneering technology. At BigDa Solutions we believe that the energy future consists of sustainable and intelligent energy use, in which technology plays a crucial role.

Our technological proposal is based on:

IoT at the service of data

We use IoT networks and devices (such as LoRaWAN) to capture data on industries’ energy consumption. Thanks to this technology, we can know: how, how much, and when companies use energy. Thanks to IoT technology, we get our raw material, the data, to produce simulations and energy consumption forecasts that allow us to subsequently optimise energy management in the industry.

APIs for data without barriers

Our methodology adapts to the different degrees of digitalisation of each company, which is why we have developed communication through APIs, collecting thus data from any type of source. This technology allows us to integrate data analysis and predictive models into any type of system that the company has, beyond our own platform. APIs allow machine-to-machine communication, making it possible to integrate the processed data into visualisation and management tools of the user's choice.

Big Data for energy efficiency

At BigDa Solutions we transform data into added value for the business, as we believe that strategic decisions should be based on facts, not assumptions. We also believe that the best energy efficiency is achieved through the energy that is saved, not consumed, so we empower companies' data to help them optimise, reduce and control their energy consumption. None of this would be possible without prior analysis of your own data.

Advanced analytics to anticipate energy consumption

We transform data into consumption predictions through predictive models developed thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI). In this way, we not only analyse the energy behaviour of the industry but also anticipate and manage energy use more efficiently. Thanks to BigDa Solutions' methodology, we obtain real-time information with which we anticipate the future, helping you better control your energy consumption

Business Intelligence

We integrate the information analysed into reports and information so that companies can easily analyse their energy use. This allows the detection of anomalies, under and overconsumption, as well as measuring customised parameters of interest. In addition, we are compatible with various visualisation systems such as PowerBI, Tableau and Qlik among others.

Our value proposition is not only to achieve energy savings but to transform the technology sector through digitisation and new technologies to:

  • Lead companies towards energy management models of the future, typical of Industry 4.0.
  • Achieve management processes with a focus on sustainability as the basis for a more efficient industry.
  • Putting technology at the service of the industrial sector in a convenient and accessible way for everyone.

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