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Energy Management Platform

Industry is a sector of intensive activity in energy consumption where energy efficiency is an important and strategic area. This is why the implementation of an energy management system offers significant economic benefits.

Using historical measurements and real time data, the energy management platforms compares energy consumption by production process or production line with the theoretical energy model, which allows to identify consumption patterns and identify the possible degree of inefficiency with which the company is operating.

In the definition of the prediction model, it is important to have into account and forecast variation of parameters that affect energy consumption (external climatic conditions, load levels, production forecast, occupation forecast, renewable energy generation, etc.).

The platform helps the energy manager with the next tools:

  • Negotiating the electricity and gas contract.
  • Monitoring and controlling energy costs and invoices.
  • Analysis and control of all the energy consumptions of the organization.

We have developed different predictive models within the area of ​​energy (electricity, natural gas and water).

We manage, organize and analyse data provided by the company with all those variables which influence the energy consumption in order to define which variables and under what conditions are those that influence at certain moments. (Overconsumption, deviations, production errors ...).

It is common that the source of data is generated in different databases, therefore, we centralize all the information in the same infrastructure to be able to analyse it easier.

Electricity, water or gas are resources that have to take into account due to their impact on the final price of the product / process developed.

Industry has to pay attention to improve energy efficiency, the use of resources and the need for environmental protection.


Software to control and monitor for the energy manager

 Real time energy monitoring 


Real-time monitoring of all requested measurest

Anomalies detection in energy consumption

Energy data analysis


Energy consumption profile analys

Analysis of seasonal and monthly consumption

Energy services management


Invoices simulations

Management of diverse facilities

Energy management tools

Monthly consumption automatic confirmation

Invoices simulation

Real time analysis


Automated alerts

Consumption anomalies detection

Periodical reports

Automated and scalable solution

Integration with different databases

Meteorological forecasts integration


Energy consumption is directly affected by weather conditions

Energy consumption forecasts


Energy forecasts for energy contract


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