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Customized Projects - Predictive Algorithms

BigDa Solutions is aware that every company is in a different phase of digitalization with different needs and objectives. When talking about big data projects, companies design large and complex structures instead of stopping to think about what is the real need, the objective of the project, how to quantify it and analyze what type of data will be required to obtain successful results. BigDa solutions, helps you during this process.

BigDa Solutions develops customized projects of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence technologies with the aim of:

  • Optimize the productive processes of companies.
  • Reduce the energy consumption of energy-intensive industries.

BiDa Solutions develops advanced analytics projects and data analysis techniques to define scenarios in real time and predict future behaviours.

In order to carry out a project of this type, it is essential to know and define the problem to be solved, carrying out a process of understanding the business and the project to be analysed by BigDa Solutions’ team.

The process involves 4 important steps:


Identify key data to be analysed and structure them to interpret them later. Data quality is important, it is wrong to think that the more data we have the better the prediction will be.


Set the objective of the analysis and the information we want to get. Training of the system begins through our predictive models developed by machine learning techniques.


Data processing and optimization to obtain predictions that can be integrated into the company's computer system for decision-making assistance.


Evaluation of data obtained through our systems. Checking the quality of the results and the validation of the model.


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