Nowadays more and more data are being generated due to the development of the internet of things, the eruption of intelligent sensors and the growth of the number of devices connected to the internet. Advanced analytics allows transforming this data into business intelligence and to generate a value proposition based on company’s data to optimized exploitation.

We classify and analyse the data stored by companies to predict future situations. Our goal is to provide solutions to companies in the field of INDUSTRY 4.0, BIG DATA, IOT and ADVANCED ANALYTICS.


Industry 4.0 is changing the way businesses operate and, therefore, the environments in which they compete. All this is due to the digitization process that is taking place.

Industry 4.0 and intelligent manufacturing are part of a transformation, in which manufacturing and information technologies have been integrated to create innovative systems of manufacturing, management and ways of doing business, which allow to optimize manufacturing processes, be more flexible and efficient and generate a value proposition for customers, as well as answering faster to the needs of the market.

Process digitalization applications make it possible to access to the information in real time, be always connected, react at any time and place, and offer bi-directional communication with all parts of the company.


We are in the era of the interconnection of all the elements integrated in the entire value chain of the industry, improving the quality of the services and optimizing the manufacturing processes.

Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data complement each other perfectly, since one of the consequences of the arrival of the IoT is the generation of a large amount of data that is analysed and managed through Big Data technologies in order to offer better services to the user.

Intelligent sensors generate high amounts of data due to the increase in the number of devices connected to each other. These data are analysed by companies through data analytics.  We live in a world which is becoming more and more interconnected.


Predictive analytics, data mining and machine learning are just some of the analytical categories that fall under the heading of advanced analytics. Advanced data analytics is being used across industries to predict future events.

Advanced data analytics extract the important information resident in the data that is generated at the organization and external level, being able to cross all the data and thus improving the information obtained in real time.

Thanks to the advanced analytics functionalities, you can understand what has happened, what will happen and what should happen. Data and machine learning help to make better decisions and have a quicker reaction capacity to offer better services.

The advanced analytical functions include ad-hoc options for statistical analysis, predictive models, data mining, process optimization, all in real time and through learning and continuous improvement.


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