4YFN: Energy efficiency in the innovation spotlight


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This week, Barcelona hosted one of the most significant events in the world of entrepreneurship. The 4YFN, held during the Mobile World Congress 2022, is internationally recognised as a networking and business platform for emerging businesses.

BigDa Solutions has attended this meeting for the first time as one of the startup’s members of the BIND 4.0 programme, a public-private innovation initiative of the Basque Country. Our participation in the 4YFN is part of our commitment to promote the evolution and digitisation of the energy sector in the industrial sphere and share our experience in this type of project to inspire and help other companies.

Ibon Salbidegoitia, our founder and R&D manager, came to this event. Ibon gave several presentations, among which he participated in a panel discussion together with Arantza Tapia, Minister of Economic Development, Sustainability and Environment of the Basque Government; Mikel Tejada, Factory Director and Strategy Director at Unilever; and Bart Farrell, Head of Community at Data on Kubernetes Company. Together, they discussed how to build collaboration bridges between startups and large corporations, a powerful alliance to drive growth.

In parallel, Ibon had the opportunity to present our BEMP platform, which provides cutting-edge technology for attaining energy efficiency in the industrial sector. Our R&D manager highlighted that, at BigDa Solutions, we seek to create an industry where more is produced with less, optimising resources thanks to innovations such as IoT or Artificial Intelligence.

From the beginning, BigDa Solutions’ vision is focused on providing solutions to the significant energy dependence challenges Spanish companies face. Participating in this type of event allows us to raise awareness of the importance of using innovation as a channel to lead the industry towards a new, more responsible and efficient energy consumption model.

Our philosophy as a startup is that to innovate, you must first learn, analyse and understand: Experience as the 4YFN serve as a barometer of reality. In the development of new solutions, the attention is always on creating, improving and providing new alternatives; this event has highlighted the importance of, before innovating, listening more to existing problems and adjusting our capabilities to those challenges.

4YFN has been an opportunity for us to engage in conversations that lead us to build and create real solutions to change the energy paradigm we are living in. The fact that visitors didn't just come to listen and look but to find solutions helped have a very proactive few days to advance technologically towards a more sustainable energy future, which is getting closer by the day. 

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