Bigda Solutions selected among the 10 best companies in the Data Economy: one of the commitments of the European Commission


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Bigda Solutions is once again among the best Big Data startups in Europe after being selected as one of the 10 companies that have passed several filters this 2021.
In April, a first pre-selection of the 184 candidates to become a reference in the Data Economy was carried out, leaving the 32 most brilliant startups with cutting-edge solutions and capabilities in different fields. News
On May 25th, it was the selection of the top 10 best products and services related to data processing. Bigda Solutions carried the energy management platform (BEMP) as a service that uses Artificial Intelligence models to present both the technical and business part. A platform that combines data cleaning and pre-processing, the inclusion of predictive models and the ability to continuously improve energy efficiency in real-time.
The technical and business jury was able to understand and see the potential of the platform, including Bigda Solutions in the Top 10 list at the European level.
With this selection, Bigda Solutions will start its first project in Italian flour companies, thus beginning its internationalisation of the platform at the European level.

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